Friday, 22 July 2011

And the winner is....

All above board, the Whippet chose the winning ticket

and then took it off to his dinosaur blankie to eat it. 
Well done Sue!

In other news, this lovely bracelet arrived today:

courtesy of Bee - thank you, I love it!

My, look at those leeks in that photo - I should have planted them out ages ago.  I've also got some more in a seed tray that I should have pricked out several months ago.  So that's what I'm going to be doing tomorrow - some rather overdue gardening tasks!

As I'm also going to be on the bland white diet, I baked a white loaf instead of a half-wholemeal:

My now-perfected no-knead bread recipe. 

480g bread flour, 1/4 tsp yeast, 1 heaped tsp salt, 360ml water, mix with knife to shaggy dough, leave 12 hours, tip onto floured worksurface and flop about a few times (the dough, but feel free to do likewise), drop into well-greased tin and leave 2 hours, put into cold oven and set for MAX temp ie. 230C for 30 mins, turn down to 200C for 25 mins, Bob's your uncle.

It made a mean sandwich, but I won't be allowed all these salad veggies tomorrow:

Thanks to my beloved father and his dodgy genes, I've got a colonoscopy on Monday.  Ironically, I have to stay off the wholegrains, fruit and veg tomorrow in preparation for an unpleasant Sunday spent mostly in the bathroom, or drinking litres of water to wash down the dreaded meds, with the only "food" allowed being lemon or lime jelly....After the day-before, the actual procedure is a doddle - this will be my fourth. 

So when I finally surface from all that, I'll be about ready for a holiday.  And what with a few weeks living on the beach in one of the best tents in the world followed by long treks across the country for my most aged relative's 90th birthday and a cousin's wedding later on in the holidays, I'm going to take a bit of a break from blogging.  See you all soon, and happy holidays!


  1. Enjoy your holiday and blogging break... she says skipping rapidly past any mention of medical procedures. Good luck with that too.

  2. Yikes, best of luck have a great holiday!

  3. Oh bless...I'll be thinking of you Sunday and Monday. Roll on Tuesday eh?
    Bread looks good, must admit. But I'm lazy and rely on my trusty Panasonic 3 times a week ;-)

  4. Hope all goes well for you on Monday, will be thinking of you tomorrow.

    Have a great holiday.

  5. Just dropping by to say that I survived and all is well - thank you for all your good wishes.

  6. I'm on the white bread/jelly /sieved cup a soup diet soon. My brother helpfully sent me a Billy Connelly take on it!


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