Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Not a lot to show for it

At the back end of last week I made a lot of paper fabric type stuff:

I made a lot of pieces using my own version of the Beryl Taylor method, to trial different glues and different fabrics, trying to find a "definitive" method.

I also tried Jill Kennedy's method for making fabric paper using crayons, paint and Vilene:

Which I then had a go at stitching.  I didn't put Bondaweb on the top like Jill says to do, I used acrylic wax and I wanted to make sure the paper top didn't shred when I stitched it:

It didn't shred, but I'm not sure why it all came out purple - not one of my usual colours.  And I ran out of inspiration for the stitching.

I then thought I'd better try making some little books, coz if I'm going to teach other people to do this I sort of need to know what I'm doing.

This very tiny book came out quite well:

(Shame about the undyed calico lining, but there we go.  Today I tried "dyeing" some with Brusho, which seemed to work.  Not completely colour-fast, but who washes books?)

So it all worked OK, but it's not a lot to show after making such a stack of papers.  I was a bit disappointed with myself, to be honest,  particularly after making this:

Oh yes, it looks half reasonable in the photo...

But I think that staying up 'til 11.30 to rip and paint papers and make cords wasn't such a good move.


Never mind the hideous colours, the pages stick out of the top and the cords are too low down.  Should have just gone to bed early if that's what I produce by staying up late.


  1. I like your little books... and if you turn the last one upside down so the cord is in the top half (looks better high up)and remove a bit of the paper it will be perfect!

  2. Hmmm, didn't think of that! It hasn't been wasted though, the Girl has taken it off to her lair and will probably fill it with secret code or epic poetry about the Whippet!

  3. Fabulous, I didn't use bondaweb on top either for my first collage of the year, following Jill A Kennedy's instructions. I also used soluable crayons, not by mistake but I couldn't find the kids' old stash - just loved the effect of ink on top of them! Must do some more.


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