Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Regime change

Following a horrifying prequel to the teenage years yesterday morning, we have decided to implement a regime change in this household.

Previously, the time between getting dressed and breakfast was allocated to the small child for the practice of musical instruments, whilst Mother used this time to do housework. 

During travels up and down the stairs with various domestic appliances and tools, Mother would often see the small child sitting on her bed attempting to put legs into tights and arms into vest whilst gazing into the middle distance.  Mother would often return 10 minutes later and find child in exactly the same state of not-dressed-yet.  Musical instruments were then either not played at all, or in a desultory manner.  Mother would also find that housework was not done, because all the time before breakfast was spent cajouling small child into clothes and music practice whilst fending off sarcasm and downright rudeness.

Under the new regime, breakfast is now served promptly at 7.30.  Anyone not dressed and at the table does not get fed.  Each instrument is to be practiced for 15 minutes, with a timer.  The practice does not end until the time is up, even if a small child is then late for school and has to apologise to Mrs B for being late.  Mother will use the time after clearing up breakfast to do the housework.

We'll see how long this lasts...

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