Saturday, 22 January 2011

Best bread ever

I know others have been there, done that with the New York Times no knead bread.  I've been wanting to try it for a few months now but for some reason, despite claiming to be "no knead", I had found the instructions seemed complicated and fiddly...
And I wasn't sure about the whole cooking it in a cast iron pot sort of idea...

But yesterday (and today) I finally plucked up courage and gave it a whirl. 
I used the cup measures as in the original recipe but couldn't be bothered to mix it up by hand, and used the Kenwood for the first bit.  Then I covered the bowl in cling film and left it overnight.

This morning, whilst doing a spot of this with some seville oranges:

I dolloped the bubbly moussy dough out of the bowl, folded it up as instructed, then deviated from the instructions and let it rest in a floured teatowel in a bowl.  When it was ready to go, I flipped it onto a pre-heated baking sheet - the only hard bit of the whole recipe -  and bunged it in a ferociously hot oven.  I poured some water into a hot baking tin placed in the bottom of the oven to create some steam, as I wasn't using the approved "dutch oven" technique...I'm not sure whether I'll bother with this next time.

And this is what we had for lunch:


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  1. I've not come across this method for making bread before but the results look good.


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