Sunday, 5 December 2010

Richard's pies

 When I saw Gina's mincepies with this recipe I just knew I had to give them a go, not least because of Richard Bertinet...

About a year ago, I found this video of Richard Bertinet making dough and fell head over heels...I even bought one of his dough scrapers (or "scrappeur" to pronounce it correctly).  I did try making dough his way, but there isn't enough free airspace between my worktop and my kitchen wall cupboards to sling it about like that, and it all got a bit messy...

ANYway, the Girl must have caught hold of the name, because soon after a character arrived at the Royal Perquencwoo (a Lego town built on her bedroom floor which I have to try and hoover around) called.....Richard Bertinet.  And he appears quite regularly in her stories and newspaper articles about the Perquencwoo as well.

So here is Richard Bertinet, and his mincepies.

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  1. They look fabulous! I'm about to make another batch tonight.


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