Friday, 3 December 2010

Little quilts


I finally finished something for my Wednesday Workshop A4 quilt.

I dithered for ages (approximately 10 months) with what to do for my quilt, and finally got fed up of dithering last week.  So I grabbed some fabrics and a collagey piece made as an experiment, and stitched them all together.

And the Girl, thus inspired, set about making her own. 

I lowered the machine speed right down to 100 (stitches per minute?) but after a short while she was confident enough to get it up to 200 (I usually have it set on max, 880).  She also got the hang of lowering the needle into the fabric by using a half-hitch on the foot pedal and swivelling around her corners, learning faster than some adults I have known. 
Start 'em young.  She'll be wanting her own machine next...

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