Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas creations

In 24 hours I have gone from this:
 and this
to this
and these

My old Christmas cards, from several years back, chopped up and zigzagged onto cards.  Was quicker than I thought.  You know the feeling, starting a project and going beyond the point of no return, then thinking oh, hang on, this is going to take me until next week to do.  Well it didn't. 

This post, on the other hand, has taken two days.  Partly courtesy of Blogger's shenanigans, but also underestimating the time it took to break off for the careful and altogether sticky process of filtering and bottling and labelling my Christmas booze presents - Sussex Sloe and Wealden Wodka. 

May have something to do with the necessary quality control checks.

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  1. Your tea cosies look great!

  2. They are great..well done.x Happy Christmas from a very snowy Londonx lynda


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