Sunday, 7 November 2010


The first thing I did when I was Programme Secretary for our Embroiderers' Guild branch was to book Carol Naylor to come and give a talk.  She came yesterday, and despite a few technical hitches with the slide projector, we had a lovely afternoon.  I just love her work.  Sigh.

I have also worked out why my jeans don't fit any more:

There are four Granny Smith apples in there somewhere, the ones that were sautéed in butter, they seem to be buried under that mountain of whipped cream...somewhere on top of the layer of toffee....not quite as far down as the crumbly biscuity it's a fruit-based dessert, almost a health food in fact...
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  1. I like the look of your healthy pudding! Will I see you at Tunbridge Wells EG next March?

  2. Yes, I'll definitely be there! Whether my jeans will fit by then remains to be seen as I've just had a sneaky slice of my husband's birthday cake while he's out...


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