Monday, 10 November 2014

Messing about on Monday

Hello again, and sorry for the lack of a post on Friday. Five on Friday will have to be Messing About on Monday!

The easiest way to see what I've been up to in the past week is to look back through my iThing photos...

1. I needed a profile photo of myself (tell you why soon, promise). Had to stand in the woods at the weekend trying to take a selfie as the Others were less than helpful, and were more interested in climbing trees and chasing the Whippet around. I absolutely detest having my photo taken, but I managed to get a half decent one in the end!

2. I finally finished my Seascapes with Knots. Again, more on this soon! 

3. Since blogging about how I work in the dining room and don't have a proper studio, I've thrown a few paddies and got very cross about the lack of space to create, so Grand Plans have been hatched. The short version is, we are moving the Girl into the upstairs office, moving Himself into the summer house, moving the midlife crisis trains into the garage, and ultimately moving me into the Girl's old room. 

However, the long version is (deep breath) we replace the outdated double glazing so we can redecorate, we empty the loft so we can move my foil stash out of the summer house, we empty the garage - including selling four bikes and buying one - so we can move the trains out of the little summer house and into the garage (either that or tear the summer house down and build a bigger one to house a desk AND trains), we declutter the Girl so we can move her, we declutter me so we can move me (ah, there's the rub), we declutter Himself so we can move him, and we move the broadband router so that the Internet reaches the little summer house.

I've moved the router, done the loft, and we did half the garage and got quotes for double glazing (yikes). Also two full carloads to the tip, and numerous bootloads to the charity shops. Feels good, very very good. But oh boy, we've only just scraped the surface. This is a project that will run and run!

4. I have also moved the foil, and if you would like to buy yourself some bargain transfer foil (use with Bondaweb, loads of videos on YouTube) then please visit my foil Facebook page here!

5. I've nominated myself to make some bunting for Newtown Arts. How did that happen??! I'm going for paper, for now, as we need a quick and colourful fix and I've just downsized my fabric stash! Doh!  Here's the start:

This is just a mock-up of how the letters might look. I haven't decided what to use for them yet - cotton? felt? paper? I will stitch things somewhere along the way, it won't all be glue!


  1. You make me feel exhausted! It's the knowledge that I'll be only scratching the surface that's preventing me making serious inroads on the clutter. But it has to be done sooner rather than later... Just not today! Love that photo of you.

  2. GlAd to hear plans are afoot!
    Photo looks great.

  3. I'll second that Gina - knackered after reading all that! I am impressed though - it's seriously difficult to declutter and is just too much effort most of the time. If I didn't feel so guilty about just chucking it all in the bin it would be easy.

  4. I'm with Gina too- exhausted at the thought of it all.

  5. Sounds like you have had/are having an exhausting time but it will, no doubt, all be worth it in the end. Love the seascape

  6. Oh my goodness, that sounds like a campaign to rival Wellington's! And it also sounds like it's going to be fabulous when it all finally falls into place. That's the problem with big plans - so often things have to look a lot worse before they look any better!

  7. Oh my goodness......what a lot of work you've given yourself �� We've just moved my stuff out of the medium bedroom into the smallest....and that was bad enough. It will be wonderful when it's all done though!

    Beautiful artwork as always ...and you look lovely.


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