Sunday, 24 April 2011


I'll be quite glad when Easter is over this year.

First of all, I've wasted DAYS dyeing squares of fabric in rainbow hues and bedecking the washing line with multicoloured prayer flags:

And I've gone through a truly shameful number of freezer bags:

All because I found out my course is continuing after Easter and I promised my students we would play with dyes.  So if I'm teaching it, I need to know what I'm doing.  And dyeing a few bits in plastic bags in a litter tray at home is very different to dyeing a few bits multiplied by the number of students in a room with one small sink and no hot water supply. 

And to make matters worse, this morning I was painting sketchbook pages with leftover dye solution and left a pot of dye on the window sill, and the wind got under it and tipped it up onto the patio.  So we now have turquoise splats on our lovely new paving stones.

And even worse than that, the dye I had used was Dylon and it occurred to me afterwards that as it already has the soda mixed in, my pages are now painted with alkali dye and will probably rot or do something heinous.

So I comforted myself at lunch with a truly massive simnel muffin.

of which we had made a dozen:

And we had one each at lunch, leaving nine.

Except when we finished our cup of tea, there were only six.

Because one had disappeared without trace into the Whippet and another two were half chewed on the worktop.

Whippets are tall and have long noses.

They can also be fatally poisoned  by any sort of raisin, sultana or grape.

Whippets don't like being dosed with soda crystals, and when that doesn't work, salt solution, and when that doesn't work a trip to the V.E.T.  On a Sunday.  And not just any Sunday.  Oh no, why not do it in style.

The only thing that has gone right this weekend are the HCBs:



  1. Your prayer flags & simnel muffins all look gorgeous as do your hcbs. I'm so sorry your long nosed and legged whippet made it into territory that was best left unexplored. If I were you, under the circumstances, I would declare tomorrow a duvet day! Penny

  2. Good grief! I was going to say happy Easter ;)I think a little bit of breathing & relaxation yoga. It'll all be fine in the morning....

  3. Everything will be alright when school starts on Tuesday morning - after we've gone to pay the vet of course - then I'm going to collapse into an armchair and just savour the stillness and quiet!

  4. Oh dear, that's sounds exhausting! Hope the whippet suffers no ill effects (are all dogs poisoned by raisins?)

  5. Yes! They are! Who'd have thunk?


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