Friday, 8 April 2011

Pale and interesting

Continuing on my theme of plants, leaves and strippy "patchwork",
I made a book

thick with handmade (not by me) paper pages, with a couple of cords to hold it together.

Here is the front:

and here is the back:

I got all worried that it wasn't botanically correct.

Which gave me an idea.
Maybe my university days and my BSc in Horticulture* won't be wasted after all!

I'm off to the woods later to sketch more wild flowers while the Whippet chases squirrels.  I also hope to find some more half-haycorns.  I don't know what I'm going to do with them, but I'm getting a little obsessive about finding them now.

*You certainly wouldn't know this about me from looking at my garden...


  1. That's a gorgeous book :) And I love the fabric with dark blue stripes which you've used here and in the pieces in your last post :)

  2. It's a lovely book. Hope you enjoyed your trip to the woods.

  3. Can a book be botanically correct???

  4. I was of course referring to the embroidered "plant" - in inverted commas because I invented it. I don't think things with umbels also have pea-like twining tendrils - which I added at the last minute and then wished I hadn't but couldn't be bothered to unpick them.

  5. That book is so beautiful! =) x

  6. I just popped here from 'a little bit of everything' and am enjoying a wander round your lovely blog. I love the books. I have a draw full of half walnut shells. When you work out what the haycorns are destined for, will you let me know please? Penny


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