Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My new toy

I found my new toy in Lakeland when I was supposed to be looking for wedding shoes. It was the last in the shop, probably last in the whole of the Lakeland kingdom of shops. The extra freebie attachments were not in stock (only a citrus juicer, and I can do that by hand) but the lovely people in the shop have tracked down a pasta attachment and a multi mill for me to collect.

In a week I've made several loaves of bread, two batches of rolls, two cakes and a lot of coleslaw...

Yes, I'm supposed to be stitching.

I'm also considering applying for a job (art technician), which is distressing me somewhat. I don't want a job, not really even one where I get to play with the kiln. I want to make things and have people give me lots of money for them. But then I met some friends at the school sports day (second in Skipping, third in Beanbag and second in Relay, offspring not myself) who were hinting all too strongly that their new posh sofa was in need of a coupla embroidered cushions hint hint, and THAT filled me with gloom as well. I'm not a performing minky, I like doing what I do because I want to do it, not because someone has told me to. I'm also stubborn. And skint (especially now I've blown all my birthday money and my invigilating wages on a hunky new kitchen mixer).

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