Sunday, 16 June 2013

Rustic pursuits

As mentioned before, I have been outside indulging in some rustic pursuits...

There was a spot of Shed-Building without a Divorce

In a couple of hours we transformed a neglected area outside the kitchen window and created a space for all the odds and ends that have been left out in the rain for the past four years since the old shed was demolished to redo the garden.  

But even better than a new shed is a new shed with an Integrated Bespoke Shelf System.  We were SO chuffed with ourselves!  We took an old shelf unit from the garage, took it apart completely and then screwed it back together in-situ to make it fit - it's perfect!  

What could be more exciting than a new shed with shelves?  Making bramble baskets in the woods, that's what:

It's tough on your hands, even without the prickles!

Mine was the smallest one, at the bottom...
Here it is now, shrunken and trimmed.  Bit of an odd shape...

A lovely peaceful day in the woods, crafting something out of a plant that I thought was only good for blackberries.  I particularly enjoyed the camp fire that burned all day, supplying a constant supply of hot water for tea.  Thus inspired, back home we finally built our outdoor FIRE area for BURNING THINGS:

The girl likes burning things with a magnifying glass, Mr Gonecycling loves building and playing with fire and can now play with his Christmas-present fire steel, and I wanted somewhere to put a barbeque so I can practice suitable camping recipes - and as luck would have it, since my birthday I am now the proud owner of a camp fire grill.  So we're all happy!  Just need some log stumps to perch on while we char our sausages now...


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