Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Getting there...

Not sure where "there" is, but I think I'm getting somewhere at least.

The problem is, my brain is either chocka full of ideas or empty.  When it's full, I don't know where to start.  And same when it's empty.

I've started playing around with some cut-through thangs (we've been doing this in class), cutting and re-arranging:

Still not stitched down or embellished, and one piece still not cut through...

I then had a sudden urge to paint lots of Bondaweb, but then couldn't remember why.

So I stuck it onto some felt and then stuck more stuff on top

Still unstitched, obviously.  I think these are destined to become book covers.

In the time that lot took to do, my birthday flowers have gone from this:

to this (see them wilting on the end of the table?)

But look!  A tidy desk - hence the photo, to capture the moment.

Tidied so I could begin THIS:

(don't forget the cocktail stick, folks)

The great Amulet Making of 2013 - to follow up the momentous Amulet Making of 2012

The first Mini Amulet off the production line.  

Question: what is a fair price for something like this?


  1. I love the cut throughs, they remind me of Charles Rennie Macintosh roses. I have some weird theory for pricing things I've made. I start with with what I think I'd pay, then I think, what if someone said, can you make me a hundred of these. And would I be prepared to sit down and make a hundred of them and sell them at that price. I told you it was weird (and no-one has ever said it!)

  2. Some great colours here - the book covers to be are lovely! Pricing - now that's a whole can of worms. Don't forget how long it took you to make it and think about a reasonable hourly rate.

  3. Looks like you have a lot of things on the go at the moment and all of them so different. You can really only price your work at what people are prepared to pay these day, which rarely comes even close to what it's worth.

    Why are you using a cocktail stick by the way??


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