Monday, 28 January 2013

Had to be done...

First, gather ye rubber gloves, damp fabric, cooling racks, dyes...

Then venture out into the cold to fill a plastic box with snow.

Add dyes.

Place said plastic box on patio and watch contents melt slowly over the course of three days.

Then, bring box inside and sit it on the back door mat for a further afternoon and evening of melting action:

Eventually get round to emptying the contents into the sink:

Rinse, repeat.

Leave to dry on radiator and admire:

Finally, use snow-dyed fabric to line an impromptu book cover made from teaching sample:



  1. What fun! Did you soak the fabric in soda first? I've been meaning to try this for a few years now but, but...

  2. Oh I like that, I keep meaning to try it, but never get around to it. To late now the snows gone, hopefully till next year!

  3. Great effects from the snow dyeing and I love the book cover.

  4. Love that book cover it's beautiful

  5. Everyone was at this snow dyeing mularky! Except me. Great results though and that book cover is just amazing.


  6. Oh, wow! Look at that! What a fun technique, and the result is spectacular. I only wish I had snow so I could try it. :)

  7. fabulous book cover. isn't dyeing fun?!

  8. What fun the dyeing looks and great results; the book cover is super!

  9. Okay... I'm full of admiration as someone who avoids dyeing at all costs. The resulting book cover is lovely.

  10. Thank you for all lovely comments - and sorry I couldn't reply to everyone (Blogger wouldn't let me, don't know why...)

  11. Beautiful colors - the sample you used for the cover is just fabulous but the fabric could be on the outside for the next one ;)

  12. Amazing results with the snow dyeing. I keep meaning to try it and every time we get snow I completely forget. What dyes do you use?


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