Sunday, 21 October 2012

Distractions and cheating

I've been distracted from whatever else I'm supposed to be doing (what is it again?) by making these:

Tyvek flowers, inspired by Gina (as always)

My students have been making organza flowers and I was supposed to be trialling some more varieties when I made these.  We haven't tried Tyvek (yet) so I haven't cheated (yet) by stealing someone else's lesson plan (yet)! 

Actually, using hot tools in a village hall gives me the heebyjeebies so we probably won't do Tyvek...

Meanwhile, Girl has been distracted from doing her piano/violin practises in the morning by counting the number of "malted wheats" (no brands in our house...) in her breakfast.  This has been going on for more than a week now...should I be worried?

And Mr Gonecycling has been distracted from the business of publishing ebooks of sonnets and riddles by staying up late to read this little book about cheating by this guy:

I am now reading it, and staying up very late to do so, which may explain why nothing much else has been done around here.  "Unputdownable" particularly considering this week's news about this guy:

And then Mr G dug out this last photo - I remember it so clearly, because the yellow-jersey-guy seemed so much smaller than I expected from watching him on telly. 

But this photo now has a whole new meaning: guy with the rucksack - who HE? 
Read the book and you will find out...

We went to France and Switzerland to see them, I stood on the steps of the Postal team bus, I got a postcard, I wished Tyler "Good Luck".  A few days later, I waited for the yellow-jersey-guy to cross the line at the timetrial in Mulhouse before telling Mr G he was going to be a Daddy...we spent hours standing behind barriers, hours on the Paris Metro trying to get to the Champs Elysee to see them win, then sat it out at Charles de Gaulle before flying home.  Cheated?  Damn right!


  1. Apologies for distracting you. I think you should be brave and use heat guns... go on... live dangerously!

  2. Iz - those flowers look really good. I should order a bunch!!


  3. Love the flowers. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of today's meeting will be.

  4. I've just had a pleasurable time catching up here - fabulous work going on but the cheating ref eludes me, sorry ;( Not good to be cheated tho. Adore these flowers, nothing wrong with a bit of inspiration! You inspire me to sort out my workshop samples - your books look great. I think being shown a sample to aid confidence is a good part of a w/s or course. Will we see some more K&S? ;) I can comment here!!!!

  5. Those flowers are are so pretty! They must be a lot of fun to make. :)


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