Friday, 11 May 2012

Constructing constructions

Hooray!  I've been a student again!

I love taking classes, and I have been looking forward to my class in Lewes for weeks - ever since I saw the little ad in a shop window.  Lewes is a funny place - very alternative, sort of the Totnes of the South East.  Half the population is Lewes Woman - easily spotted, usually sporting wicker basket, sandals, hairy knitwear...The class was in a little natural foods cafe - lots of jars of lentils, boxes of exotic tea, tubs of organic vegetarian stock powder, gluten-free hand-knitted muffins...

I digress.  I love construction, and jumped at the chance to learn how to make two different sorts of baskets.  This week, recycled cardboard.

The process:

The finished article (complete with dodgy blanket stitch....)

I liked the lilac cereal box, but was a bit upset I ended up using a pizza box from That Supermarket....
I like the googly eyes on this weetabix though...

And here are the others:

Next week: coiled grass!

I've also finally finished stitching my blue bracelet (still to do the brooch).

This is it pre-dissolving.  It is currently soaking in a tub in the kitchen sink - fingers crossed it doesn't unravel and all the beads fall off!

And just before cooking dinner, I had another go at cooking some beads with my heat gun - prettier this time, less charred:

Angelina fibres on top layer - what a result!  Holds everything in place, and adds some sparkle.  This colour was called something like "Pink Tickle"...

And then this morning, we woke to glorious sunshine (at last!) and the Whippet picked the winner of my little giveaway:

A little packet of foil is now on the way to you!

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the bracelets - very encouraging.  Luckily the blue/seashore bracelet didn't disintegrate in the wash, and so here it is!

Thinking ahead to Art Trail in the summer, I want to make some more of these (or similar) to sell.  Thus the knotty problem now of "what to charge for them?"  As with anything embroidered, it takes an age to make BUT it's only fabric and thread, not precious metal or anything...Any thoughts? 

PS  Welcome to new followers!


  1. I like the pink tickle beads!!

  2. Wonderful seasidey texural swirls! As for price - think of a number based on time taken and then consider if you'd be happy to make more for that price if asked? One is fun to do, 10 is more of a chore. PS thank you to the Whippet, can't believe my luck!

  3. The workshop in Lewes looked great - wish I'd known about it!

  4. great post the baskets are FAB and your bracelet is amazing I love it ......xx

  5. ... think of a number, double it, add 6... what ever you charge they'll be worth it!

  6. I love your bracelet so much that I've gone and bought Maggie's book! And those beads have worked beautifully haven't they - using angelina was inspired!

  7. Great to see the Whippet working for his supper. In this house the Whippet X refuses to contemplate anything as lowly as picking names out of hats and sticks to chasing idiot rabbits that seem to think that rain means that dogs cannot see them!

    Loving those beads btw!!

  8. So was that you I saw wearing a hairy jumper, sandles, carrying a cereal packet basket (lovely btw) eating lentils? ;) Can't wait to hear what the other half of the poulation is!

    Fab tickly beads, too.

  9. ps no less than £15 - £20, tough!

  10. I love your baskets,a workshop i would love to have done.I think Emma is right about prices for your bracelets.

  11. Love that blue beautifully made!! Good luck with the pricing; I won't advise as I'm rubbish at stuff like that.
    The beads turned out really well...I have that raspberry coloured angelina; didn't know it was called pink tickle ;-)

  12. Beuatiful baskets and fabulous cuff - well done you! £25 - £30 for the cuff . . . it is a one off! x x x


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