Monday, 14 November 2011


We went for a walk in the Hundred Acre Wood yesterday.  We'd forgotten about the Remembrance Day ceremony at the airman's grave until we couldn't park at our usual spot, and as we didn't think anyone would appreciate a Whippet tearing through the proceedings at 38mph, we drove on and found a new walk in a different part of the Forest.

We were all glad we did. 
We found leaves to kick through, a deserted hillside in brilliant sunshine, an old moss-covered bridge over a stream - very Tolkienesque and elvish, some old ornamental fish ponds with bamboo-covered islands, secret wooded paths winding back up the valley....layers were shed, the sun shone on our faces and arms and we topped ourselves up to the brim with vitamin D.

And when we got home, after a homemade soup into which I had successfully smuggled a large cauliflower, I "painted" (scribbled)  a couple of sketchbook pages:

They really are nothing special at all, I'm just pleased I did something spontaneous!  I couldn't be bothered to get the paints out so I used watercolour pencils. 

And then in the evening, with absolutely no natural light, and working on my lap in front of a telly programme about vegetables, I continued the spontaneous vibe by grabbing a piece of fabric and my box of random bits and offcuts, and started putting this together:

It's wrinkly.  But it's spontaneous.

I would have done more today, but I seem to have spent a lot of the day mucking about trying to get my head around Facebook.  I've added some buttons and whatnot to the blog - see if you can spot them!  (Blimmin' well hope so, or I've wasted a lot of time!). 

(I also added a few more bits to the shop)


  1. Eek - not sure I can spot the buttons. But hang on, is that 'Like-Facebook' button a new one?

    How's the Whippet? After last weeks entanglement with the pheasant, the WhippetX here has redeemed himself with model behaviour!


  2. Yes! Hooray! A like button at the end of the post, and a link button on the sidebar. Have tried adding like button to the sidebar but to no avail, I need a tame 10 year old to do the html for me. Now why does the Girl not learn to do that at school instead of multiplication?

    Whippet has been restored to default settings ie. trots to bed for a bicbic after night-time walk and not a peep when the lights go out. He has, however, worked out how to get his jammies off - something I'd love to see, because it's a bit of a job getting them on in the first place!

  3. Looks great, I spottted the fb badge too & went there & told you how good it looked & spent ages trying to change/add settings on mine but couldn't. Goodness! I'll have to get the tame 17yr old on to it - he's very patient, really ;)
    Love your spontaneous wrinkles!


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