Monday, 17 October 2011

Show offs

What a creative lot.

On Sunday morning while Mr Gonecycling had gone cycling, the Girl painted her new piggy bank:

and I put the finishing touches to my cake for Gina

then because the Girl had lots and lots of red, yellow and black paint leftover, she painted it onto an offcut of mountboard:

Then Mr Gonecycling came back from having gone cycling and wanted to join in. 
So I gave him some lining paper and old magazines and PVA glue and crayons, and got him doing a Sue Dove.  Which he then cut up (from the reverse) and stuck onto another offcut of mountboard:

He was seriously chuffed, and I was seriously jealous, because all I had managed to do was make a bluey greeny crayony mess with my collage attempt of the day.

Beginner's luck.

I'd like to see him try getting me to write poetry. 
You should see him wince when he proof-reads anything else I write...including reading blog posts over my shoulder.

Edit: I forgot to mention that while Mr Gonecycling and I were arguing over the crayons, the Girl quietly sat and painted some giraffes (or "giffars" as they are known around these parts):

They're pretty good too.


  1. I love this post! I tried a Sue Dove - it did work for me but clearly Mr Gone Cycling has the knack!


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