Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Shamed and inspired

I've been shamed by Heloise into getting my bottom into gear and making something with my collage paper, instead of "filing" it!  It's a funny old blogging world - I make some paper, someone else is inspired and makes a book, I am then inspired by that someone else being inspired by me and so I make a book...

A little book, with ripped paper pages. 

I wanted to try and stitch onto the collage paper but wasn't sure how to go about it so I had to have a bit of a think (hence the delay, honest guv'). 

In the end I "bondawebbed" some lightweight cotton to the back of the decorated paper (and used greaseproof paper to protect the ironing board from the melty waxy crayons - which didn't melt too much).  I then painted it with acrylic wax to seal, then stuck on some Handel flute music that Mr Gonecycling said I was welcome to cut up because it was too hard to play, then acrylic waxed this too.  Then I stitched down some strips of silk and added some handstitches - and used my new wheeze - I stitch the paper by machine, using a long stitch length and no thread, then handstitch into the holes.  Clever, huh?  Then the stitches are exactly the same size, and I don't have to try and shove a needle through thick paper and bondaweb and cotton.

I also made a set of cards

Actually, I made these before the book.

All are in the shop now.


  1. just love the book cover and the cards...what great ideas you have.

  2. These are lovely glad you were inspired to make them!

  3. Mine went straight into the sketch book, but they do have potential for a variety of objects, don't they?

  4. Such great colour choices and so beautifully made. Love all these...just went to your shop but you're not there! ;-)


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