Monday, 29 August 2011

Hitting the ground running

Boy are we back from holiday!
We've driven 1500 miles since we left Brittany 10 days ago. 
About which more later. 
If that makes sense. 
Probably not.

We've hardly been in the house and still haven't put any of the camping stuff away, but that hasn't stopped me having a massive clear out and reorganisation of the kitchen cupboards:

It must have been not having a kitchen for three weeks that has made me appreciate the one I've got at home, and realise what is and what isn't essential or necessary.

I've also just finished making about 20lbs of jam whilst simultaneously trying to catch up with blogs and concurrently breaking my new resolution to stop trying to multitask...
Either way, the laptop is feeling a bit sticky now...

This isn't jam:

Only a sort of holiday memories jam.


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