Thursday, 3 March 2011

Now I'm scared

For years I've thought that perhaps maybe (dither dither) I should sign up to do the local Art Trail during the summer festival week...I've put it off, because I was waiting until I "found my style" or "found my thing" or whatever...

But now I've gone and signed myself up.  I've posted the cheque and everything.  I even wrote a 30 word thing describing what I do (that's a laugh, mostly I sit around reading blogs with occasional breaks to walk the whippet...).

The stark reality is, though, I've got to produce some work.  I've got until 8 July, but I know me and deadlines so I've made a start.

I made another one of these:

Not sure if I like it as much as the blue one.

Undeterred, I finished this:

Like the circles, but bigger.  Sort of like a celtic knot, hopefully.  It hurt my brain trying to work out how to draw celtic knots using tiles of circles or straights...(but I did find this fabulous method, and can now draw my very own octopus with knotted legs - a useful life skill, no?).  I'm not sure if this piece came out how I saw it in my mind, but it's a first attempt so I mustn't be too hard on myself (have I mentioned that I'm a grumpy perfectionist?).

And then after a frustrating hour's embellishing resulting in a broken needle, I gave up and made some real felt - ie. the wet way - and after rescuing it from the whippet (who stole it off the radiator) and de-dog-hairing it and letting it dry overnight, I stitched a triskell.  I've wanted to stitch a triskell for two years (see "perfectionist" above - too scared to try anything in case it fails):

I'm not sure what it is - a small hanging?  Does it really need to be anything?  But here's a close-up:

So I've made a start.  I'm still scared though.


  1. Hooray! Don't be scared.

  2. I liked the Blue one but I love these! Just been catching up & chortling along the way - I see you procrastinate with baking - me, I garden ;)I've been writing lists for pieces for my exhibition in Sept, aaages away...I'll probably still be writing lists the week before!
    They say the best thing to do is sign up, so well done.

    That lovely pile of papers on your desk made me think of Jill A Kennedy - see my first post of the year. You just color it, cut it up, reassemble & stitch...easy ;) (I'm telling myself this, too)

  3. Beautiful work!

    I'm from the Art Trail - i'm one of the artists, and also doing the website. There's really no need to be scared. You'll get to the end of the ten days and wonder why you've left it so long :-)

    Trudie (lurcher owner!)


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