Friday, 11 March 2011


Someone has been rushing out of the house after tea every night this week, and mostly it was me. 

I had a freebie course for art tutors on Thursday evening that I had completely forgotten about until the late afternoon.  Just as well I remembered or else I would have been in trouble, and I would have missed the opportunity to do this:

We were a very select group of two tutors (machine embroidery and jewellery making) and one art coordinator (the boss) being taught how to cut and print woodblocks by another art tutor (printing).

I discovered that I'm completely cack-handed at using sharp implements, but I had fun anyway. 
I went with blue hands after a day playing with Brusho paint powders, and came home with turquoise hands after an evening playing with Speedball printing inks.


  1. Lucky you! I have blue, black and green hands today from where I have been using Brusho too!

  2. What fun! All the best people have blue/green hands (mine are yellow this morning... acrylic paint!)


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