Thursday, 21 October 2010

Frosty morn

Woke up to a frosty morning - not this view, unfortunately, but frosty nevertheless. 
I say "woke up", but as the whippet had cried three times in the night (4ish for a spot of business in the garden, 5ish and 6ish because he was cold and we'd forgotten his pyjamas) I wasn't really asleep...
The above is Mother's track to the cottage in Wales, taken in February.  I forgot to take my camera out this morning , too busy being cold with hands shoved in pockets.  Also too busy being tired and too busy trying to recover from last night's teaching - an observed teaching session.  In other words, someone came and sat in the corner going through my file, then kept trying to chat to me but was unable to due to:
  • five machines with tension issues
  • one machine continually snagging the thread on the needle and needing constant rethreading. 
  • two people with embroidery feet they didn't know how to fit
  • one embroidery foot inexplicably jamming up and stalling the machine
  • several cases of people stitching their hoops into their work
  • one wonderful textural example of what happens if you leave the presser foot up whilst free machining
  • one exploding foot pedal, complete with acrid smoke
Could have been worse - the three who removed their feet altogether could have stitched through their fingers.
(That last sentence only makes sense if you are a  machine embroiderer).
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  1. That sounds like a typical machine embroidery class to me!


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