Monday, 13 September 2010

Winner of the Mutant Vegetable Championships

 Did some gardening on Sunday, and tidied up the vegetable patch.  Found a couple of courgettes lurking around (despite early fears of a glut, due to mismanagement, neglect, drought then floods, we've only had a handful), lots of green tomatoes, lots of slugs and snails,
and THIS!


However, the hedgerows have been making up for our own incompetence.  We've picked kilos of blackberries, having discovered the Mother Lode on our favourite walk with the Whippet.  Luckily the boy likes picking his own, so he's happy to guzzle while we pick.  We've also found a wild plum tree, cob nuts, have bags of sloes in the freezer ready for steeping in gin, and have played field mushroom roulette a handful of times...

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  1. Oh thats funny, when I used to take Willow(now no longer with us) she used to eat the blackberries too.
    I don't know about whippet coats. I just did it for fun but it seems to have aroused a bit of interest. There are just too many variations on dog shapes and sizes, it might be difficult.

  2. And to be honest, he is a bit of a peculiar shape...His Granny knitted him a coat in the spring and we gave it to him thinking it could be pyjamas. He wriggled his way out before it was even bedtime...


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