Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Stuff I've been meaning to do for ages...

I’ve had “try using papier mâché paste with fabric” on my To Do list for weeks now, and this morning I finally got round to trying it. Took about 5 minutes, as the paste was already made up (to make the wretched Egyptian tomb homework) and has been lurking at the back of the fridge ever since….
And just as I had hoped, the fabric is unmarked and unblemished – no shiny bits, no flaky bits, no white marks….just glued down and ready to stitch. So I did. I even tried “tricky” fabrics like felt and silk…and look what happens when you hold it up to the light!

I also finally got round to a first attempt at a chimney brush brooch. This isn’t IT exactly, this is just half-finished with a scrappy embroidered flower sat on top to see what it would look like.

Any other suggestions how I could make the bristles? These are machine wrapped twisted wire with beads at the end inside the twist.

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